1. Basic Initialization of Firewall
2. Configure Device Management
3. Configure Address Translation (NAT, GLOBLA, STATIC)
4. Configure Access-list
5. configure Routing
6. Configure VLANS
7. Configure FAILOVER (Active & standby ,active active )
8. Configure Layer2 firewall
9. Configure Multiple Context
10.Configure Modular policy Framework (MPF)

Routers firewall

11.configure Zone-based firewall


1. VPN Basic Initialization concept.
2. VPN protocols
3. VPN modes
4. VPN mechanisms
5. site-2-site VPN
6. gre-over-ipsec VPN
7. Svti VPN
9. DmVPN  (hub & spoke)
10.Dm VPN  (Spoke 2 spoke)
11.Dm VPN  (Dual HUB)
12.Get VPN
13.Remote access vpn
15.Dvti VPN


1. Configure IPS4200 series sensor appliance
2. Initialize the Sensor appliance
3. configure Sensor appliance management
4. configure Virtual Sensors on the Sensor appliance
5. configure Securty polcies
6. configure promiscuous & inline mode
7. configur & Tune signatures on the sensor appliance
8. configure custom signatures on the sensor appliance
9. configure Rate limiting
10.configure signature engines on the sensor appliance
11.Use IDM to configure
12.configure event action
13.configure event monitoring
14.configure IOS IPS

Advance router security

1. Configure control plane policing
2. configure CP protection and management protection
3. disable unnecessary services
4. configure SNMP,Syslog,NTP
5.configure device management & security


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